Monday, August 5, 2013

Ode to Monitors -- David Bromley

1.       What is your name (I may not always be able to tell by your email)?
2.       When did you start coming to Lillstreet?
3.       What brought/brings you to Lillstreet?
4.       What is the nature of your clay work -- fnctional or sculptural?
5.       What is your process?  Do you sketch, prototype and conceptualize? etc.
6.       What or who influence your work?
7.       Do you work with other medium besides clay?
8.       What are your duties as a monitor?
9.       If there’s one thing you absolutely have to inform the Lillstreet clay community that would make your work easier, what would it be?

HI THERE! David Bromley here. I came to Lillstreet in January 2002. I had moved back to Chicago and needed a studio area to work. I had been at Santa Fe Clay in New Mexico and had a private studio as well.  I mostly focus on everyday functional work but also some semi sculptural functional work. Most of the time I sketch then let the wheel and the clay edit my thoughts. Principal inspirations are Shoji Hamada, Bernard Leach, Warren McKenzie, Clary Illian, Lucie Rie, and Hans Coper. I also am very interested in glaze chemistry. I did some water color and am a gardener. My duties as monitor include firing the kiln, assisting the glaze makers, making stains, and answering and helping students with questions in the studio. Make and keep a notebook when glazing. I get the constant "what glaze was is? I forgot." My best answer to how a glaze will work is "make a small trial piece and see how it works."  If you need anything else, please email me ( anytime. It may take a while but I will get back to you. Thanks for your work

dave bromley

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