Sunday, January 30, 2011

New AIR: Jess Riva Cooper

Jess Riva Cooper, Lillstreet’s new Ceramics Artist-in-Residence, is settling into her studio. Perhaps you have seen her sketching or working on figurative slabs.

A native of Toronto, Jess first visited Chicago during her post-baccalaureate in 2005 to see SOFA. During her visit she came to Lillstreet for a workshop with Matt Metz and Linda Sikora. Like many of us, Jess experienced something like love at first sight.

Jess returns to Lillstreet as Artist-in-Residence this winter with a Master of Fine Arts in Ceramic Sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design, and a BFA in ceramics and a minor in art history from Nova Scotia College if Art and Design. Along with her active studio practice and exhibition record, she has two years of teaching experience at the college level from her time at Sheridan College School of Craft and Design in Ontario, and seven years teaching at the elementary and high school level.

In Mid-March Jess will be lecturing and creating an installation at Brandies University, just outside Boston. Her residence both at Brandies and here at Lillstreet will integrate the concepts of Yiddish folktales of Golem and Dybbuk spirits through a female lens. The installation will be a culmination of the ceramic work Jess is creating this winter at Lillstreet and panoramic, layered drawings.

Starting Monday, January 31st Jess will be presenting a 30 minute overview of her recent work and influences during each class period. We hope everyone – students and studio members alike- will take this opportunity to become acquainted with Jess and get a behind the scenes look at her work. See you there…

Monday, January 31: 12:30pm – Hand B, 2:30pm – Hand B, 7:30pm – Kids Room

Wednesday, February 2: 2:30pm – Hand B, 7:30pm - Kids Room

Saturday, February 5: 12:30pm –Hand B

Sunday, February 6: 10:30am – Hand B, 3pm - Hand B, 6pm – Kids Room

Tuesday, February 8: 11am – Hand B, 2:30 – Hand B, 7:30 – Kids Room

Thursday, February 10: 11am – Hand B, 7:30pm – Kids Room

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Visiting Artist and Potluck This Saturday!

A friend of Fred Follansbee's from Japan, Yoshi Kumon, will be around Lill this weekend and in town through Wednesday. He is a potter with experience soda firing and is interested to see how we do things.

The soda kiln will be loaded Saturday afternoon from 1:30 - 4:30, with an informal potluck to follow.

All are Invited!

Hopefully Yoshi will do some throwing. To quote Fred, "He has a very different way of throwing than we do in the U.S., so I think you would all be interested in seeing him and meeting him- he is very nice and likes to share ideas and knowledge".

Fred has visited Yoshi's studio, Akane-Gama. Here's an excerpt from Yoshi's website:

AKANE-GAMA pottery sits at the foot of Mt.Yatsugatake quasi-national park, where functional pottery is produced with Anagama (single chamber wood kilns) and a Soda kiln. The first Anagama kiln at Akane-Gama was built in 1986 and Soda kiln followed in 1999. Both processes are demanding and requires a great deal of labor for preparing fire wood, kiln firing and maintain kilns. I have been enjoying these pleasant labor over 30 years with gratitude.

I hope you all can make it or meet him on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.... Fred

Thanks for sharing Fred, See you there!