Monday, August 26, 2013

100th Post

This is the 100th post I've written for the Ceramics Blog -- Clay at Lillstreet.  On many occasions, I am trying to find things to post as I am not always "in the know".  I comb through the Lillstreet website to find information to post here or I learn of something in passing while speaking to a teacher or another fellow Lillstreeter.  So, with that said, if there's anything you like to know more about or a burning question you need answers to, send me an email ( or leave me a comment here.  I will try to get the expert's opinion and research the topic so as to provide you with an accurate and in-depth response.

Finally, to celebrate the 100th post I've written, I am encouraging all existing subscribers to recommend/refer this blog to their friends at Lillstreet or to people who are interested in knowing what's going on in Lillstreet's Clay Department.  The referrer stands a chance to win a prize.  Simply have the person you referred subscribe to the blog and write a comment to this post with your name in it.  I will let this run for two weeks.  Good luck!

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  1. No new subscribers. No comments from anyone? This is the most read blog post so far!!!!