Friday, August 24, 2012

Congratulations!!! Annual Lillstreet Student Member Show finalist!

The following is the list of the final participants for the 2012 Annual Lillstreet Student Member Show:

Nancy Anderson Ceramics
Adam August Ceramics
Lesley Bevan Ceramics
Susan Borrelli Ceramics
Martin Chadwick Ceramics
Mona Coalter Ceramics
Joan Hooper d'Arcambal Ceramics
William Del Genio Ceramics
Maureen Duffy Daugavietis Ceramics
Mary Fox Ceramics
Kristin Frownfelter Ceramics
Barbara Grunewald Ceramics
Jeff Grunewald Ceramics
Terese  Hogan Ceramics
Samantha Hostert Ceramics
Nixon Khoo Ceramics
Shira Leon Ceramics
Cherie Lockett Ceramics
Andrew Lurie Ceramics
Laura Marmash Ceramics
Susan Marx Ceramics
Isabel Mikell Ceramics
Cecelia Mitchell Ceramics
Corkie Neuhaus Ceramics
Amy Odgers Ceramics
Doris Pape Ceramics
Nancy Pirri Ceramics
Suzanne Poirier Ceramics
Daniel Pugh Ceramics
Vivian Ragis Ceramics
Jennifer Ridley Ceramics
Susan Slogoff Ceramics
Ranald Stearns Ceramics
Amanda Syler Ceramics
Jolene Taschner Ceramics
Roberta Ulrich-de Oliveira Ceramics
Peter Vale Ceramics
Jonathan Weiss Ceramics
Matt Smith Digital Arts
Patrice Compernolle Glass
Jennifer Lee Glass
Myra Shoub Glass
Aja Engel Metalsmithing
Janet Gregory Metalsmithing
Peter Hauschild Metalsmithing
Kara Hetz Metalsmithing
John King Metalsmithing
Katie Mills Metalsmithing
Carla Nessa Metalsmithing
Debbie Solomon Metalsmithing
Elyse Umlauf Metalsmithing
Sue Cahill Painting/Drawing
Patricia Larkin Green Painting/Drawing
Kathleen Roman Painting/Drawing
Elizabeth Wilson Painting/Drawing
George Bodmer Printmaking
Holly Clayson Printmaking
Jennifer Stocker Printmaking
Camilla Krueger Textiles
Frances Krueger-Jackson Textiles
Linda Mae Olszanski Textiles
Cheryl Reynolds-Fefles Textiles
Elizabeth Zeiss Textiles

This year, the show will run from October 22 to October 28.  The opening reception will be on Friday, October 26.  Please plan to come by and take a look at the wide variety of talents that we have at Lillstreet!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ceramic Wall "Tile" Installation

Shawna Tuttle, a monitor and clay artist at Lillstreet, celebrated the completion of her installation with an “unveiling” barbeque at her back porch, where the tile is installed this month. The invitees joked about all the carting of those huge slabs of clay on and off the shelves for the past two years. She is particularly grateful for the tutelage of Mike Skiersch, the receptiveness of the Lillstreet clan to giving lots of free advice, and the monitor team for firing and handling the pieces with care.  Two years later and voila!   

Very impressive, Shawna!  Congratulations!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Josh DeWeese @ Lillstreet

Josh DeWeese is at Lillstreet for a two days demo only workshop.  Today, Saturday, 8/11/2012, is the first day of the workshop.

Josh's demonstration at the potter's wheel.  See the large cylinders to his right! Attendees are watching in silent awe.

Josh's demo of a pitcher form. 

Brag Shelf -- 8/10/2012

Do you see your work?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lillstreet Student Memeber Show -- 10 days left!!!!

Hello all student members:

Today is August 1, 2012.  The application for the Annual Lillstreet Student Member Show closes on August 10.  You have exactly 10 days left to submit your application for the show.  Hurry, hurry, hurry!  If any one needs help with their submission, please speak with Joe at the front desk or Nixon when you see him around the studio.  Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity to display and sell your work!

Navigate your browser to and submit your application today!

Details of the show are posted here!

Lillstreet Open House -- Saturday, August 25th, 12pm - 4pm

Come join us at the Lillstreet Fall Open House.  Spend the entire Saturday exploring all 3 levels, 24 classrooms, an artisan gift shop, and gallery!

Experiment in all departments with our free workshops and demonstrations for any age. Bring along the little ones in your life as there will be plenty of kid's activities from 12-4pm.

Not sure how to use the Digital SLR camera you got for your birthday last year? Learn the basics in only an hour with our Digital Arts & Photography department.

After that, take home your own screen printed hankerchief. Or, make some noise and pound out frustrations while sculpting a beautiful jewelry piece in our Band Rings workshop.

Take the first steps towards making your own posters or cards with our screenprint on paper workshop.

In the afternoon, get your hands dirty on the pottery wheel creating your own cup or bowl or begin to master glass through beadmaking.

As the day winds down, animate your afternoon with an introductory flipbook class or learn the importance of lighting for legendary portraits.

Before you leave, be sure to browse our Perfect Plate exhibition and artisan gift shop for handcrafted works of art you won't find anywhere else.  

12-1pm      Screenprinting on paper   
12-1pm      The color of pastels
12-1:30pm      Enameling
12:30-2:30      Glass Beadmaking
1-2pm      Intro to Digital SLR Camera
2-3pm      Screenprinted Hankies
2-3pm      Band Rings
2-3pm      Flipbook Animation
2-4pm      3-D Tiles
2-4pm      Wheel-Throwing
2-4pm      Throwing Big
3-4pm      Glass Fusing
3-4pm      Lightroom