Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hump Day

We've already technically passed hump day this week, but at Lillstreet everyday is hump day. Throwing off the hump that is! This method of throwing allows for repetitive creation of similar pieces using one large piece of clay. Many times this technique is used for making smaller pieces -- where centering a tiny individual piece of clay is not feasible.

Below is a video of instructor Chris Chaney throwing a small teacup off of a larger lump of porcelain clay. One thing to keep in mind is that pieces thrown off the hump are much more prone to s-cracking. Care must be taken when trimming to go back and re-compress the interior of the foot.

The above video comes courtesy of Tony Gebley of the Chicago Tea Garden, an online retailer of high quality and reasonably priced loose leaf teas from around the globe.