Thursday, March 20, 2014

A different perspective......

Here's an interesting read.  An established artist but a beginner potter shares her experience diving into a new medium:

Mochimochi Land was launched in 2007 as a place where knitted toys and people can live together in a spirit of tolerance. You too can advance human-toy understanding by knitting a new friend!
annaThe characters that inhabit Mochimochi Land are original designs by Anna Hrachovec, a knitter who lives in Chicago. Anna finds inspiration in Hello Kitty, Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, and illustrators like Dr Seuss and Mary Blair. Anna’s knitted toys have been featured on The Martha Stewart Show, all around the web, and in print.
The Mochimochi Shop features Anna’s books, kits, and downloadable knitting and cross-stitch patterns. Printed Mochimochi Land patterns and kits are also available for wholesale prices to retailers.
When she’s not designing patterns to share with fellow crafters, Anna creates character-based knitted art, which has been exhibited around the US, in Europe, and Asia. You can see her art at