Friday, May 24, 2013

Advanced Topics in Soda Firing with Chris Chaney

Chris Chaney is currently teaching an Advanced Topics class in Soda Firing concentrating on how to photograph your own work and also how to submit applications to ceramics/pottery show in the country.  Here are some pictures taken by Fred Follansbee during the photo shooting session.

As you can see, Chris's setup for the class uses a light "tent" that encloses the entire art piece and a graduated background that is swooped in the back.  The walls of the light "tent" also act to diffuse the light source so that no harsh shadows are cast by the art piece.  This is a very portable setup and can be transported easily. The light "tents" come in various sizes and can be found at most photography related retail stores or online.

If you are interested to learn about how to photograph your own work or apply for entrance to shows, please sign up for this class when it is offered again.  There are also short classes on photographing artwork that are offered by the Photography Department.  These photography classes; however, are not strictly catered to 3D work so you will have to filter out irrelevant information.  Finally, there are also a wealth of knowledge and experience with artwork photography and shows application in the Lillstreet community.  Contact me if you would like to be connected with these experts.