Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Meet the New AIR (Artist in Residence)

The two new Artist-In-Residence are Sean Clute and Joe Kraft.  The new AIR will join us in early September.  Joe and Sean have a depth of experience in teaching, firing and general studio maintenance.  They are looking forward to being a part of the Lillstreet community.

Sean's work is conceptual and he has an interest in developing his characters.  Sean graduated from the University of Montana, had a residency at the Clay Studio of Missoula, and is currently at St. Petersburg Clay Company.  This Fall, he will be teaching sculpture and handbuilding classes starting with a new class: Handbuilding New Forms on Thursday evenings and Advance Handbuilding on Wednesday mornings.

While Joe's personal work has evolved to handbuilding, his previous experience as a wheel thrower is sometimes evident in his forms. In the Fall, he will be teaching Saturday Intermediate Wheel and First Time Handbuilding.  He attended Waubonsee Community College and graduated from Alfred. 

Sign up for these classes on the web using the links or stop at the front desk at Lillstreet.

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