Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ode to Monitors -- Chuck Escue

1.       What is your name (I may not always be able to tell by your email)?
Chuck Escue

2.     When did you start coming to Lillstreet?
January 2010

3.       What brought/brings you to Lillstreet?
The opportunity to work in clay, which had been an unfulfilled dream of mine since I was about six. I stay because the folks are great.

4.       What is the nature of your clay work -- functional or sculptural?
I mostly make functional work on the wheel, though I do enjoy decorative tile as well. 

5.       What is your process? Do you sketch, prototype and conceptualize? etc.
I try to respond to needs I perceive around me in what I am making. After that, my process in as minimal as I can make it, and as involved as required.

6.       What or who influence your work?
My family, my friends, and people I encounter influence what I make. Finishes are an attempt to reflect the world we live in, with it's great beauty and imperfections. 

7.       Do you work with other medium besides clay?
I do work in other mediums. Photography, carpentry, poetry, and lighting. I enjoy being able to express myself architecturally.

8.       What are your duties as a monitor?
As a monitor I help with recycling all the clay scraps we have around. Rotating barrels, empty and full. Mixing unusable scrap with dry clay to make a workable body. And stacking those thousands of pounds into neat, accessible piles.

9.       If there’s one thing you absolutely have to inform the Lillstreet clay community that would make your work easier, what would it be?
Do not, please do not, put paper towels into the clay barrels. They rot in there. Stink. And ruin the clay. Certain people actually have skin reactions to the bacteria grown that way.

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