Friday, July 19, 2013

Ode to Monitors -- Christi Chadwick

1.       What is your name (I may not always be able to tell by your email)? 
Christi Chadwick

2.     When did you start coming to Lillstreet?
About seven years ago

3.       What brought/brings you to Lillstreet?
Throwing pots

4.       What is the nature of your clay work -- functional or sculptural?Mostly functional

5.       What is your process? Do you sketch, prototype and conceptualize? etc.

(Editor: No answer)

6.       What or who influence your work?
Everyone I see up at Lillstreet

7.       Do you work with other medium besides clay?

8.       What are your duties as a monitor?

9.       If there’s one thing you absolutely have to inform the Lillstreet clay community that would make your work easier, what would it be?
(Editor: No answer)

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