Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Inspiration -- Never Give Up

As anyone in a First Time Potter class would attest -- there are days when you just feel like giving up.  Especially when your teacher makes it looks so easy and you have trouble even just keeping the wheel going at a steady speed. This video will hopefully inspire you to keep going.  

Ceramics, to me, is something that you could get technically good at if you just keep doing it and practice, practice, practice.  Sometimes, you need the help of someone with more experience (teacher) to help you with certain techniques to get over a hurdle.

To me, a technically good pot means that a pot is well made and is of the appropriate thickness and weight for the intended use of the pot. But, making a technically sound pot is only one aspect of the challenge that is ceramics. The other aspect is the art or creativity of it all. What makes your pot different than the thousands of pots already out there.

Putting on your creative hat to make the pot your own.  There are so many options available when it comes to alterations and decorations.  How will you alter that cylinder to make it your own?  How will you decorate the surface? What glaze will you choose that fits the shape of the pot?  The two combined is what makes a handmade pot art.

P.S. Be it right or wrong, this is just my opinion and not a reflection of anyone else's opinions.  Comments welcomed.

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