Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Techniques -- Surface Decoration

For those of us who needs to be inspired, here's a collection of short clips from the masters on surface decoration (except the first one and a half minute).  This video is quite rare because most of the videos I've seen tend to showcase a single artist.  

These are Korean masters from the Incheo area in Seoul, Korea. Incheon is the ceramics center of Korea and is where the international airport in Seoul is located.

Clip 1 (to 1:35) -- check out how deep he has to go with opening the centered clay
Clip 2 (to 2:34) -- slip layering, incising and sgraffito.
Clip 3 (to 4:00 ) -- inlay (mishima), stamping and form alteration.
Clip 4 (to 5:10 ) -- incising (yes, still incising even though you don't cut through like in Clip 2) and form alteration.
Clip 5 -- This master showed a different/advance way of using slip application and incising.  Also shown is selected application of mishima (inlay) to targeted areas of the pot.  And finally a painting technique with slip.

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