Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Techniques -- Porcelain Platter

I was making my rounds of the pottery blogs that I subscribed to and saw this video on an amazing technique for throwing porcelain platters.

The artist is Harlan House and he has a blog here.  Harlan House is potter who has been making porcelain pots for over forty years. Harlan’s works of art can be found in museum and art gallery collections throughout the world.

I've viewed the video at least a dozen time and is always fascinated by what I see in the last few minutes.  I think it is a technique worth at least trying out since you can potentially turn a cylinder with a twelve inch base and twelve inch walls into a 36 inch'ish platter. I think you could potentially adapt this technique for large bowls as well with some minor adjustment.  I also think that you can use this technique with other clay bodies.  Finally, this technique also gives you a lot of surface to decorate with.

The picture above is my first attempt at using the technique demonstrated.  I started with 3.5 lbs of porcelain clay and ended up with a 12" platter.  It is a lot of fun to try and quite thrilling as well.  How low can you go?  How big can you go?

Please try it out and leave comments about your successes or modifications to the technique. Good luck!

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