Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Message from Karen: New Clay Body

Hi Everyone,

The Buff Stoneware is on the loading dock and is ready for use! Several of us have been throwing and altering with it and it's really nice! David Trost has a pot on the teacher's shelf with Celadon, Temoku and Shaners Clear, which shows the fired clay on the feet. Other samples are in the works but I won't be putting test tiles up for this one since it is not as "radical" as the Buff With Ochre. There will be at least one pot coming out of the soda kiln this week.

As the poster says, once the Fireclay Stoneware is gone, I am not ordering more. It is similar to "with Iron" so it is more of a duplication than having these two Buffs with the Fireclay with Iron and Stoneware Reclaim as the stoneware selections.

Have FUN!


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