Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Breaking News . . . New Clay Body soon to be at Lillstreet

From the desk of Karen Avery:

New Clay:

I have ordered Buff Stoneware with Ochre. I think people will like this as a choice for clay; in reduction it fires to a warm chocolate color and should be good in Baileys and Soda. The high iron content in ochre can spot more through slips and glazes or flux into them and change the glaze color a bit. It will be FUN to have a new clay body; this can be another avenue for adventure and learning about a new material. It will be here soon and the clay tickets ($35) will be ready. It recycles into the stoneware buckets and will be fine in our reclaim.

I will be interested in everyone’s feedback.



So, try our this new clay body and see if you like it.  You can contact Karen directly at karen@lillstreet.com or leave a comment here. I will try to take pictures of the new clay body after it is fired and post here.  Please also be cognizant of the surfaces you are working on with this new clay. The high iron content will easily affect Porcelain and B-Clay body so please do not use surfaces marked specifically for those clay.  Now -- get your hands dirty!!!!

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