Monday, February 20, 2012

Visitng Artist -- Julia Galloway

Julia Galloway was at Lillstreet this past weekend -- starting with the artist reception on Friday, 2/17 and then for a two day workshop on 2/18 and 19.  The workshop was sold out and for those who were not able to attend, here are some highlights.

Julia Galloway is a professor and Director of the School of Art at The University of Montana she makes utilitarian pottery and is in the collections of the Long Beach Art Museum, The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and The Renwick at the Smithsonian. She has taught workshops across the United States and Canada with a special interst in cone 6 glazes and the history of pottery.

Workshop Description:
Julia Galloway will demonstrate her wheel throwing and handbuilding techniques. She will discuss the relationship between surfaces and form, slip inlay and application as well as cone six glazing. In addition she will show six history of ceramic lectures including Chinese ceramics, Iranian, Isnik, Greek, Italian and Russian. We will discuss historical influence on contemporary ceramics as well as idea development and creative process.

Workshop participants paying rapt attention!

Julia demonstrating the "rolled lip" technique on her pots.

Julia in her moment of being candid and offering up a wealth of informatio:  Perhaps Gary Jackson says it best; "Another weekend with Julia Galloway!
I'm taking part in a two-day workshop with an incredible artist, educator & potter. Her work & techniques are pretty spectacular. But it's her eloquence, her energy, her turn-of-phrase and insightfulness that really get me going. More fun tomorrow... plus stories & photos coming soon!

Julia summized that there are four main category of decorations on a pot -- dots, line, floral and pictoral.  And then proceed to show each on one pot!

Julia's signature vases -- she worked on this piece during the workshop.  First throwing, then altering, then joining and attaching a handle, then slipping.  Her works show a distinctive front and back side.

Julia demonstrating her puffy lids on a  jar.

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