Monday, December 19, 2011

Visiting Artist Workshops - 2012

The new year is almost upon us and it is time to think about what classes you want to take and what direction to take your work.  What I want to draw your attention to, today, is a wonderful opportunity to learn from artist outside of the instructor community here at Lillstreet.  We have a robust line-up of renowned artists coming through Lillstreet in 2012.  These artists bring with them years of experience and each one is knowledge in their medium of choice, is a wealth of information, and above all else, selfless in their sharing of information, tips and tricks.

Andrew Martin Workshop: Mold Making and Slip Casting -Discovering New Work (5 Days)
Slab Design: Making Pouring Forms with Sam Chung (2 Days)

These workshops take many hours to plan and a lot of effot to coordinate the schedule of the artists with the availability of space at Lillstreet to host them.  Anyone who has been to a workshop will share with you that they had a lot of fun, learned a lot, and that it is worth every penny.  Participants of workshops that is outside of their local area will share that they had to pay a few times more than the prices at Lillstreet to account for accommodation, transportation and food to attend workshops by these artists.  So, take a minute to review the workshop offerings and sign-up for one soon! 

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