Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Totem -- in Two Parts

It must have taken weeks, if not more than a month, to complete the two pieces.  She's climbed up stools, chairs, step ladder, tables, etc.  Then she had to climb down.  She's sculpted the torso, the "legs" and the head.  Put them all together and then taken them apart again so it would fit it the kiln.  That's what I call dedication.

One of the two totem.  Standing.

The final fit.
The "dismembered" totem.

The totems completed the glaze firing process on Tuesday, October 4 and were unloaded on October 5.  Here are the pictures post glaze firing.

Out of the kiln.

All assembled and displayed in the gallery!

Come see Mary's completed Totem at the Lillstreet Student Member Show.

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